True person who gave up any occupation will do his duties without result, but One who stopped the duties of performing spiritual fire, know that giving up my occupation and sense of duty are one and the same, why because, a person who cannot leave his wishes and  have determination cannot become a Saint.

Muni (an inspired Saint), who wants to perform duty with devotion should chose performing worldly duties without desire. AS person who attains performance of worldly duties leaving duty is the only tool.

Without having interest on the acts of five organs, on the duties and leaving all determinations, is called Respectable human.

His mind is his relative, enemy also. Thus, man has to save himself. Mind is relative if one control his mind, if wins over mind, mind acts as enemy.

A peaceful person, who won over Soul, will daily see the Almighty and will have equal feeling of happiness and sorrow, respect and disrespect. Due to knowledge of Spiritual Laws experience one who feels happiness, having no doubts, wins the five organs, which will treat both earth and gold equally is called a Sage.

A person who will see equally a friend, an enemy, calm man, common man, unwanted, person, relative, a Sage, a person having all vises, is called a great person, among all.

A Saint staying alone on land leaving all wishes, controlling five organs, mind, without consuming anything, should keep mind daily on his Soul only.

In a neat place which is neither high nor low, put sacrificial grass, keep tiger’s skin on that, put cloth and make a permanent seat.

Yoga, an act of worship, should be performed with controlled mind, sitting on that seat, controlling five organs, mind.

By keeping Body, Head, and Throat equally without movement, without seeing here and there, keeping looks on the nose, with clear mind, without fear, being practicing Brahmacharya (religious student), having control on mind, keeping thought on me, thinking me as God/destination, one should pray.

Such a Saint keeping kind on me always, practices with Soul, getting Eternal peace, which is under my control.

Sense of duty is not affected for those who eats more, eats nothing, sleeping more, not sleeping at all.

A Saint who follows limits in food habits, travel, duties, sleep, awareness, will attain qualification to perform necessary worldly duties with sense of duty, which wipe out all sorrows.

Person, who keeps his mind and Soul by leaving all desires, attains the result of Yoga. The mind of a person who practices sense of duty of Soul is firm like a lamp in a place where there is air.

Yoga means the stage where mind will get peace due to practice, when a Sage with a purified mind sees the Almighty within the Soul, with happiness, enjoying that happiness with his mind with thought alone and without the influence of five organs, without shaking from the Soul, satisfy with that he got, remains in a stage stubbornly and would not worry for any evil, sorrow and away from sorrows.

One has to practice Yoga with determination and without worrying.

Fully leaving all the desires got through determination, control all five organs with mind, with braveness, with intelligence, throughout all matters, keep mind on Soul slowly and get mental peace, should not have other thoughts.

Keep all matters on which mind may divert and keep the Soul stable.

Having peaceful mind, not having irritations like desire, anger etc., not committed sin, having great qualities, is called Yoga purusha (spiritual personality), he who gets maximum peace.

Like this a learned man keeping mind on Soul, not committed sin, having control on five organs, will easily get immense happiness.

A person who got Yoga Siddhihas (Accomplishment with attention) equal opinion on all Bhutas (elements) can see his Soul in those elements and see elements in his Soul.

I am there for a person who sees me in all elements, see all elements in me and he is there for me, I am there in all elements.

A learned man who serves me without any differentiation, he will be with me, who feels that the happiness and sorrows of all other living creatures as of his own, he is greater among all Sages.

The nature of mind is wavering, unable to control it, however, by practice and by Vyragya(having no interest on any matters).

You cannot get meditation without controlling Soul, if you got such control with practice, you are getting it.

Though you got interest, due to loss of concentration, if your mind is wavering, there will be no harm, whether in this world or in Eternal world.

A man who did good will never be in a bad position.

A person who stopped spiritual rites is called Yogabrasta, he will reach auspicious worlds and enjoy all pleasures there for a long time and take rebirth in a wealthy family. Failing which he will re-born in a meditational dynasty, but not in this world.

Like that who born in a family of meditation due to the effects of last birth, he will try his best i.e. more than his last birth.

That person who stopped spiritual rites, though he has no inclination, he will be dragged towards practice of Yoga, due to his learned strength. If he wants to know the form of sense of duty, he will become more than a person who is practicing duties as detailed in Vedas (Laws).

A Sage having determination will be relieved from sin and gets accomplishment with attention, after that Eternal Bliss.

A Sage who performs meditation is greater than who performed penance, who got the knowledge of Sastras(Laws).

Among all Sages, who keep his mind on me, pray with care and devotion is good.

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