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I, Dr. Bhawaan BRV Tatavarthy B.Sc., M.A. Ph. D (USA) in Astrology, basically an Astro Psycho Analyst Counselor. We did Research on various subjects which are published by RESEARCH GATE, Germany.

With the curtsey and efforts of my friend and partner Pandit Sastry R Lanka who are acquainted much with the subject having enough knowledge and Er. Ravi Lanka, are my co-authors with Research gate, Germany. We made this research work since 2012 to 2017 with a view to benefit both the present and future generations around globe.

Research Gate, Germany taken him as a Research Scholar and gave an opportunity to contribute articles related to Psychology and cosmographical matters. As a result we could able to contribute 129 Articles consisting of about thousand pages so far.

This Research is found to be highly complexes process involving so many issues and it is also involves extensive study and analysis of various concepts embedded in Vedas and Sastras. However, scientific investigations are not adequate in this regard. Although the contribution of India is spectacular in many fields, besides loss of literature during the course of time, it is yet to be unearthed with roots in ancient science of India as Vedas which are super science as per Hinduism, provides more and more.

Yo brahmanam vidadhati purvam yovai vedamsca prahinoli tasmai means Supreme lord created Brahma and vested Vedas with him. Vedas are eternal, owe their own authority. Ananta vai Vedas means Vedas are endless. Of course, nothing is beyond Vedas and Sastras.

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