Purukutsa was a famous king in the Solar (Ikshvaku) Dynasty. It is believed that the Nagas took the help of this valiant king to defeat Mauneya  Gandharvas. The Gandharvas had defeated and conquered the land of Nagas.For saving their kingdom; Nagas gave Purukutsa their princess Narmada Devi in marriage. After ruling the kingdom successfully for several years, Purukutsa and Narmada Devi went to a forest near Kurukshetra and attained Moksha after performing intense austerities. There is a mention in the Rig Veda also.


The most prominent son of Māndhātā was Ambarīṣa, his son was Yauvanāśva, and Yauvanāśva’s son was Hārīta

Ambarisha was a great devotee of Vishnu who adhered firmly to the truth. He performed a yaga with such great devotional fervour that Lord Narayana was pleased to bless him with Sudarshana Chakra (Sudarshana meaning “good vision”) and which manifested as a wheel of prosperity, peace and security to his kingdom. Once, Ambarisha performed the Dvadashi Vrata, which required that the king must start a fast on Ekadashi and break it at the start of Dvadasi and feed all the people. As the moment of breaking the fast was drawing near, the mighty sage Durvasa arrived and was received with all honours by Ambarisha. Durvasa agreed to the king’s request to be his honoured guest, and asked the king to wait until he finished his bath in the river and returned. As the auspicious moment approached when the king had to break his fast to fulfil the vow of the vrata, Durvasa did not turn up. On the advice of the sage Vasishta, the king broke his fast by taking a Tulasi leaf with water, and waited for the arrival of sage Durvasa to offer him food.Durvasa, felt that Ambarisha had violated the respect due to a guest by breaking his fast before the guest had taken his meal, and in his rage created a demon to kill Ambarisha, out of a strand of his hair. Lord Narayana’s Sudarshana intervened, destroyed the demon and started chasing Durvasa himself. Durvasa went to Brahma and Shiva for protection. Both pleaded their inability to save him. He went to Lord Narayana himself, who said that he could do nothing as he was bound by the blemish less devotion of Ambarisha and suggested to the sage to seek the pardon of the king. Durvasa went to Ambarisha, who prayed to Lord Vishnu to recall the Sudarsana and save Durvasa.

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